Office of State Inspector General - Stephen B. Street, Jr., State Inspector General - State of LouisianaWelcome. The mission of the Louisiana Office of State Inspector General is to help prevent and detect waste, mismanagement, abuse, fraud, and corruption in the executive branch of state government without regard to partisan politics, allegiances, status, or influence.
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Public Reports The Office of the State Inspector General submits reports to the Governor. The reports become part of the public record and are available to the appropriate public officials, the public, and the press.

This site features reports issued by the State Inspector General from 1998 to present. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the reports. To download a free copy of the software, click here. These reports are also available to the public at the State Library of Louisiana, 701 N. 4th St., Baton Rouge, LA. 70802. You may also order these reports from the Office of the State Inspector General by calling (225) 342-4262.
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01.06.98 South Terrebonne Tidewater Management & Conservation District 1-97-0052 DOWNLOAD PDF »
01.06.98 Unauthorized Bank Accounts 1-98-0022 DOWNLOAD PDF »
01.13.98 Board of Pardons 1-98-0031 DOWNLOAD PDF »
02.18.98 Office of Risk Management Glass Overcharges 1-97-0097 DOWNLOAD PDF »
02.18.98 Port of Iberia 1-97-0098 DOWNLOAD PDF »
02.18.98 State Fire Marshal 1-98-0007 DOWNLOAD PDF »
02.18.98 Fire Trucks 1-98-0004 DOWNLOAD PDF »
02.18.98 Mechanical Wastewater Treatment Plants 1-97-0008 DOWNLOAD PDF »
04.01.98 A Ten Year Report Ten Year  
04.28.98 Veterans Home at Monroe 1-98-0027 DOWNLOAD PDF »
05.28.98 Housing Project Abuse 1-98-0005 DOWNLOAD PDF »
06.18.98 Office of Women's Services 1-98-0035 DOWNLOAD PDF »
06.18.98 Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy 1-98-0030 DOWNLOAD PDF »
06.18.98 Employee Double Payments 1-97-0049 DOWNLOAD PDF »
06.18.98 St. Bernard Community Development Corporation 1-98-0040 DOWNLOAD PDF »
06.18.98 More Computer Overcharges 1-98-0015 DOWNLOAD PDF »
07.28.98 Office of Risk Management Workers Compensation Unit 1-98-0080 DOWNLOAD PDF »
07.28.98 HANO Residents Council 1-98-0012 DOWNLOAD PDF »
09.08.98 Probation & Parole Amite/Monroe 1-98-0084 DOWNLOAD PDF »
09.16.98 New Orleans City Park 1-97-0011 DOWNLOAD PDF »
1 - 20 of 170 Reports Currently Displayed