Office of State Inspector General - Stephen B. Street, Jr., State Inspector General - State of LouisianaWelcome. The mission of the Louisiana Office of State Inspector General is to help prevent and detect waste, mismanagement, abuse, fraud, and corruption in the executive branch of state government without regard to partisan politics, allegiances, status, or influence.
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Strategic Plan

FY 2014-2015 through FY 2018-2019


The Office of State Inspector General (hereinafter sometimes referred to as "OIG") has undergone significant changes since January of 2008. During the 2008 First Special and Regular sessions of the Louisiana Legislature, the OIG was established in statute through LSA-R.S. 49:220.21-25 within the Office of the Governor. This enabling legislation statutorily empowered the OIG as a law enforcement agency and conferred all investigative powers and privileges appurtenant to a law enforcement agency. These changes have resulted in a shift from our agency being one that primarily generates reports, to an agency focused primarily on white collar criminal activity.

The OIG is committed to providing the citizens of Louisiana with a more transparent, accountable, and effective state government by carrying out its statutory purpose to prevent and detect fraud, corruption, waste, inefficiencies, mismanagement, misconduct, and abuse within the executive branch of state government using a highly qualified, committed, and trained staff. Although the Inspector General has broad statutory responsibilities, the primary focus remains criminal white collar and public corruption cases.

In drafting its enabling statutes, the OIG consulted with members of the national Association of Inspectors General and reviewed examples of enabling statutes and model legislation from other jurisdictions. This same information, and the OIG's new enabling statutes were assessed and utilized in the development of this Strategic Plan. In addition, the OIG's existing strategic plan (submitted prior to the new enabling statutes) was assessed and utilized in the development of this Strategic Plan.

During the development of this plan, our staff reviewed the OIG's vision and mission and revised them where needed. We established goals and objectives, and analyzed the OIG's performance indicators using the Louisiana Performance Accountability System.

The Inspector General and all management staff participated in the development of the OIG's new Strategic Plan for fiscal year 2013-14 through fiscal year 2017-18, resulting in a plan that shows our commitment to achieving success, and serving as a catalyst for all of state government to better serve its citizens.

View the complete Strategic Plan for FY 2014-2015 through FY 2018-2019.