Office of State Inspector General, State of Louisiana | Stephen B. Street, Jr., State Inspector General

Complaint Process

Any person, including public employees, may file complaints or provide information concerning the operation of state government with the Office of State Inspector General.  Complaints may be filed anonymously.

Complaints or information may be filed online, in person, by mail, telephone, or fax.

The Complaint Form can be completed online and sent electronically. It can also be printed for mailing or faxing.  Complaints may also be filed by calling the Fraud and Abuse Hotline at 1-866-801-2549.

The Office of State Inspector General is located at 602 North Fifth Street, Sixth Floor, Baton Rouge, LA  70801.  Our telephone number is (225) 342-4262. Our fax number is (225) 342-6761.

Audits and investigations may result in public reports. Audits and investigations may also be concluded without further action upon determination that the allegations raised cannot be substantiated, or, in the judgment of the State Inspector General, are too insignificant to warrant a public report.

The Office of State Inspector General conducts audits and investigations without regard to partisan politics allegiances, status, or influence.